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Why Professional Hair on Your Wedding Day?

Thinking of hiring a hairstylist for your wedding? Here’s why hiring a mobile professional is the best choice…

Your wedding is a long-anticipated celebration between you and your fiancé, it is a special day that you spend months planning & paying for. Think about all the details you have put into your day, the flowers, the decoration, the venue, the dress etc… it all amounts to one amazing, extraordinary, long day. With the average wedding lasting from start to finish approximately 8 hours, think about all the things that happen within that time frame and how much your hair will go through during your day.

This is where the professionals come to your rescue, we are fully equipped with the proper product and we are constantly updating our education to learn new tricks in order to be able to build you a bridal style that lasts you the duration of your wedding day, looking as beautiful as it did from the moment it was finished.

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REAL TALK DISCLAIMER from a wedding professional:

Your wedding morning, will be more chaotic than you are anticipating, now imagine dealing with that chaos while you are in a hair salon & not around the people that can support you – & imagine being in that same situation while you are in your own home or the home of your loved ones. It is a lot easier to delegate your wishes to people while you are with them & when the pressure gets to be too much, your styling team can be the ones to help you create a wall between you and those people who might be stressing you out, believe me, I have been a physical wall many of times.

And lastly, who wants to be worried about whether your hair skills will be “on point” that day or not, a day that you truly want to look your best. When you are hiring a professional, you have the benefit of a bridal hair trial. A bridal hair package with There She Glows Hair includes your bridal hair trial, which allows you to choose a style, or a few styles ahead of time to see what you think you like best. It is also a great opportunity for the stylist to get to know your hair & get a feel for the vision you have for your day.

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