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Invest in a wedding photographer you jive with!

Photography is an art; therefore, no one photographer is alike.

In fact, they have different approaches and styles to both dealing with a clientele and their photography. Here at Russett Photography, we approach photography as a relationship cultivating our clients bond and love from inquiry, wedding day, delivery, and beyond. Our shooting style consists of a unique to the couple outlook in which our editing style changes from client to client. This allows for a fluid gallery for all clients, which fits perfectly into their wedding style and colouring.

Taylor Russett – Owner of Russett Photography

As you start the wedding planning process, you may have wondered why certain vendors charge what they do and why they’re worth investing in. When it comes to your wedding photographer, their value encompasses so much more than just a gallery of photos you receive a few months after the wedding. Before hiring someone to capture your monumental day, keep these reasons in mind to help you invest in a photographer and experience that’s more than just another vendor.

1. Time spent with your photographer

When you envision your wedding, you probably picture yourself spending time with family, friends, and of course your new spouse. However, there’s one person you actually spend more time with than anyone else on the big day: your photographer. From getting ready until the send-off, your wedding photographer is with you every step of the way, capturing moments as they pass you in a whirlwind of joy.

When you start researching wedding photographers, keep in mind that liking them as a person is just as important as liking their work. Besides your actual wedding day, you actually spend more time before and after the wedding with your photographer than any other vendor when you think about your engagement session and photo delivery! Find someone you click with, whether that’s through bonding over Netflix episodes or chai tea lattes or your mutual love of dogs. During your Skype call or in-person meeting, see if the photographer makes you laugh, makes you comfortable, and makes you inspired.

2. Trust in the process 

In extension to liking your photographer, you have to instill trust in them! Trust in your wedding photographer goes beyond knowing they’ll show up on time and deliver your photos according to the contract. It’s so important that you also trust in their process. While it might be your first time planning a wedding, your wedding photographer does this for a living and has the experience in what to expect. From creating a timeline to the little stresses of a wedding day your photographer can be an invaluable asset to the smooth planning and carrying out of your special day.

3. Creating a magical connection

Hand in hand with trust comes connection. Those emotional photos you fell in love within your photographer’s portfolio didn’t just happen out of thin air. That dreamy posing comes from an understanding of the couple and their relationship; understanding the client is one of the biggest jobs by photographers as that is what can make or break a photo. Having a deeper relationship with your photographer allows them to capture intimate moments throughout your wedding because you let them see that moment unfold. Part of this connection has to do with trust; trusting your photographer’s process means giving them the space to be an artist. Your photographer wants to create the sort of images seen in their portfolio of you, but they need for you to let them guide the session to make their vision happen.

While all wedding vendors can be considered artists, there’s something different about what photographers create because they are doing so in the moment. They have two people in front of them who are all dressed up and ready to celebrate the most exciting day of their lives and, despite a rapid timeline and minor stressors throughout the wedding, they’re going to create some magical art on the spot. While other vendors have months to plan and perfect each detail they contribute to your wedding, your photographer just needs to feel connected to you as possible in order to tap into the “why” of your wedding – the beautiful marriage that’s about to begin, the one-of-a-kind relationship you’ve had up until this point, and the little quirks that make you fall in love with each other more every day. Getting along with your other vendors is important, but the connection you have with your photographer is unparalleled.

4. Photographs that have lasting value for a lifetime

What a photographer does for their client (that’s you!) is really twofold: 1. there’s the experience they create leading up to and on your wedding day, and 2. then there are the images they deliver when all is said and done. With the exception of a few iPhone photos, your friends and family take during the day, your wedding photographer’s images are all that you have to remember your wedding by. No matter how much you spend on flowers, food, or fabulous reception chairs, the one thing you get to keep is your photos.

When you look through your wedding album, whether that’s a leather-bound book you pass down to your children or a digital gallery you’ve shared on Facebook, you’ll be able to remember it all: the songs that played while you danced for the first time as a married couple, the look your bridesmaids gave you when they saw you in your dress for the first time, the tears in your partner’s eyes (and yours too!) as they spoke their vows aloud at the altar.