The Let’s Get Married Wedding Event 2019 is a first for the Quinte region!  Not only is it happening in beautiful Prince Edward County at Casa Dea Estates Winery, but it’s truly a show designed for both vendors AND guests.

It is a two day event!

The Let’s Get Married Wedding Event has been designed with vendors in mind; by allowing adequate time for all vendors to load in and present their product and services with enough time to put on a fabulous display space for two days.

In addition, The Let’s Get Married Wedding Event is being heavily supported by a superior digital and radio marketing campaign the likes of which have never been seen in the Quinte Market for a wedding show.


One of the most important elements for any large event, is the accurate targeting and communication about the event to as many of the right people as possible and as far in advance as possible. Typically many shows of this type don’t have the pre-existing budget to effectively mount an strong multi-media campaign. The “Let’s Get Married Event,” has designed this needed element for success well in advance.

The mass-marketing for this show has been designed to provide all Vendors with tangible on –air and on-line inclusionary values; as well as effectively communicate with the guests regionally for at least two months prior to the show.

  • Your booth
  • Inclusion ( your businesses name in a 5-7 second tag ) on a rotational basis in the on-air marketing of the “ Let’s Get Married Event,” on Cool 100 and 955 Hits FM, July through September pre –show marketing.
  • The Let’s Get Married Wedding Event will utilize the on-line marketing platform to direct traffic to the shows website. Once on the shows website, viewers can access direct links back to your own website. enjoys nearly 1 million page views per month, and is an integral part of the success that the marketing for the event will enjoy.
  • As a vendor, your business will also enjoy an on-line placement and link to your website from the official website for the “ Let’s Get Married Event” website.
  • All indoor vendors and tented vendors will be allocated a booth based on a first come first serve basis.
  • All vendors will be included in the official “ Let’s Get Married Event” show brochure which will available on site for the two days of the event.
  • The minimum value for all cumulative marketing platforms for the “ Let’s Get Married Event” is $24,000 over a 13 – week period. Each vendor will share in this value rotationally.
  • 8×8 Indoor booths cost ($599+ hst) must be pre-paid via a valid Credit Card at time of booking.
  • 5×8 Indoor booths and covered outside booths cost ($500+hst) must be pre-paid via a valid Credit Card at time of booking.
  • Starboard Communications will be organizing booth payments, and will provide an invoice to all vendors.
  • All vendors must be able to provide proof of business insurance while on site.
  • No competitive wine distributors and or vineyards are allowed as vendors. Casa Dea Estates Winery has exclusive “ drive-through rights.”
  • This exclusion doesn’t apply to beer and or spirits. Some conditions my apply.
  • Overnight security for Saturday night only is provided, any items left out on Friday night are at your own risk.

There are several additional spaces that a vendor may wish to take advantage of. In the main indoor space there are three bistro tables for limited set –ups. There are only 3- of these table available with a cost of $250 +hst each.

The vendor fees for these table booths doesn’t include on-air media inclusion.

An allotment of outdoor space will be offered to vendors that wish to set-up on a grassy area. It is the intention to have micro/craft breweries present, food trucks, and additional vendors. Theses spaces will be issued on a first come first served basis. There will be no power or cover for these spaces ( except the covered spaces marked in blue on the map below ), so vendors are encouraged to make arrangements for a self-sufficient stay at the two day event.

Price is $250 + hst per lot-space .  ( $500+hst for covered booths ) Same terms and conditions apply.

The vendor fees for these outdoor – booths doesn’t include on-air media inclusion.

Vendor Booking Form

Please complete the form where you will be redirected to paypal for your secure payment. Booth spaces are strictly first come first served.